“This program provided an excellent introduction to dance! The instructors were kind and enthusiastic; the classes were structured but not intimidating; and the year end dance production was a celebration of the year’s learning. I cannot thank the Robb Card staff enough for opening the door to the dance community for our family!”

– Marg and Bri

“Our three daughters have been dancing at Robb Card Dance for the past 13 years, for which we are grateful. The talented teachers are professional, energetic, dedicated and creative. Dance class here is where our girls have always felt they belong. The renowned dance show is the highlight of our year, every year. Thank you Robb Card and company!”

– Catherine and Paul

“I love my dance classes. Bri has been mine and my sisters’ teacher for lots of years and she has such fun dances. No matter what other activities I do, I always want to dance.”

– Olivia, age 12

“Robb, Ron, Nancy, and crew continue to amaze and impress, all while building participants love of sport, improving self-esteem, and developing fitness and athleticism. The final production for 2018 wasn’t proof of how excellent Robb Card Dance is – the dancers smiles was the magic that made the journey so worthwhile!” 

– Devin Rubadeau



“I love that I get to dance ballet, jazz, hip hop, tap and acro all at Robb Card Dance. Seeing your costume for the first time is magical. I love being on stage and performing.”

– Lauren, age 13


Quality Instruction
Various Dance Styles
All levels and all ages
Focus on Technique
Focus on Building Performance Skills
Focus on FUN